Welcome to BornFyne-PNMS

BornFyne means safe delivery, a mobile application connected to a real-time web portal prenatal management system (PNMS). BornFyne-PNMS is a two-way interactive digital platform that utilizes pictographs, local dialects, and geospatial information to support equitable delivery, and continuity of timely care for pregnant women. The platform supports the delivery of clinical care at the primary care level and district hospitals, as well as facilitates referrals to regional hospitals. BornFyne-PNMS incoprates the WHO SMART Guidelines approach-the digital adaptaiton kit for antenatal care  to integrate recommended clinical and public health practices, and data recommendations into digital systems using recomended standards.


Antenatal care: Interactive online feature that supports clinical care delivery for antenatal care and provides comprehensive follow up and peace of mind to pregnant women and health providers through out pregnancy. Uses risk stratification system to flag high risk pregnancy for better maternal health outcomes

Emergency: Interactive online feature that uses geo spatial information to navigate and localize distress patients during emergency and facilitate referrals to health facilities

Pain: Interactive online feature that supports care delivery and provides pregnant women with peace of mind during pregnancy

Post Natal: Interactive online feature that facilitate postnatal services for women and their babies by provide personalized messages for better health outcomes

Medical Advice: Offline feature that supports COVID19 health promotion messages and other public health emergencies to increase awareness and uptake of services

Family Planning: Offline feature that provides continuous educational platform for health promotion to improve awareness and enhance uptake of family planning services

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