08 Sep

Bornfyne Mobile Application

By Miriam N. Nkangu PhD Candidate Epidemiology, University of Ottawa

Over the years, I worked with rural communities in Cameroon – my experience seeing women dying while giving birth, coupled with enormous challenges and delays in reaching health facilities, and the structures in place inspired me in designing the “Bornfyne” mobile application.

I observed how women and/or men who cannot read or write, were able to interpret graphical presentations which communicate meaning from signs and symptoms. Their motivation to listen to radio messages when aired in their local dialect—inspired the thought of designing family planning messages in local dialects for women and men to listen at the comfort of their phones, especially those who cannot reach out to health care providers as often as they would want to due to several delays (like cost, distance, etc.).   Women receiving phone with application 

Women receiving a mobile phone with the application

With the help of mobile technology, real time communications with health providers can greatly help to reduce the delays in resource-challenged settings especially during emergencies and help women to make better choices during pregnancy.

Achieving SDG 3 requires more equitable and innovative approaches in delivering MNCH services especially in the hard-to-reach communities. Rural women are happy listening to family planning messages in their local dialect and staying connected to their doctors especially during emergencies and conflict situations through BornFyne App




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